Traffic Surveys

Traffic Data Collection specializes in various types of  ATR, TMC & traffic studies including Miovision video vehicle classifications, speed surveys, turning movements counts and much more.




Established since 1996, TDC is the longest serving data collection company through out greater Michigan & has emerged in providing a full of range traffic engineering services to public agencies, business & private sector. TDC has performed over 25,000 various traffic studies.

​​​Traffic Data Collection, LLC

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Team Participation

Our firm credentials include a strong discipline in traffic engineering, with associated team work experience for  numerous corridor studies, signal optimization studies, traffic impact studies and engineering projects.

Video-Based Technology

At TDC we collect quantitative and qualitative traffic data for multi-modal studies (passenger vehicles, single units, heavy trucks, pedestrians, bicycles, buses, mopeds, e-scooters & other custom classes), while providing video-based technology. We can show user behaviors & interactions within the environment for bicycles & pedestrians. Queue lengths in front of traffic signals, MAC address data to identify travel times. We apply our insight and experience for each project in order to achieve the best possible results for in-depth traffic studies, safety, data accuracy & reliability, project timelines for:
Corridor Studies, Traffic Signal Optimization Projects, Intersection Studies / Roundabouts / Access Management Studies, Traffic Impact Studies / Road Safety Audits / Multi-modal Pedestrian & Bicycle Studies 

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