Our Mission

To provide our clients with unrivalled data quality, by providing the most accurate data collection and dependable support in pursuit of their project target goals and project completion timelines.

Data Services

At TDC we have thorough knowledge of the traffic data industry and utilize the newest technology in order to provide the utmost accurate results. We specialize in Video Turning Movement Counts providing ability to give our clients "Verifiable & Auditable" data by photo logging & cloud platform. With over 26 years of traffic data collection experience and being the longest serving traffic data collection firm in SE Michigan we surpass our competition. Because of our diversity within the industry we understand that every study is different and may require special tasks. For this reason we have developed our services to pay attention to the needs and details of our clients. 

  1. Video Turning Movement Counts 
  2. Video ATR & Classification Count By Lane
  3. Trip Generation
  4. Origin & Destination
  5. Video Parking Observation
  6. Pedestrian Studies (Schools, shopping centers)
  7. Signal Optimization Projects
  8. Video Traffic Conflict Studies
  9. License Plate Studies

Type of studies we Performed on A Regular basis:

  1. Average Daily Traffic (ADT) Volume Counts (24-48 hours & 7 days) Machine Counts
  2. Vehicle Classification Studies (FHWA)
  3. Vehicle Gap Studies (ITE bins)
  4. Vehicle Speed Studies
  5. School Studies 
  6. Spot Radar Speed
  7. Large Roundabouts
  8. Parking Occupancy Studies
  9. WiFi Travel Time Studies

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