​​​      Whats NEW at TDC

1)  New Custom TMC Classifications

2)  New Higher 98%+ Accuracy Achieved Through "AI" Technology  (See Miovision 2020  Whitepaper -  "Measuring Occupancy Detection and Turning Movement Count  Accuracy")

3)  Wi-Fi Travel Time / O&D Studies 

4)  Archived Video Files  to Cloud 

5)  E-Scooter Classifications 

6)  Special Red Light Running Reports

7)  No Turn On Red Reports

8)  New for 2020 - Pedestrian Compliance Reports @ Intersections.

9) TDC has expanded our specialty traffic services by working with Transoft Solution (formerly Brisk Synergies) to assist you in measuring specific road user patterns, behaviors & traffic conflicts that help to identify safety issues, countermeasures, & evaluate impacts. TDC undertake's our video log files & uploads to Brisk  Synergies for their advance AI technology analysis for fail to yield scenarios, red light  violations, illegal ped./ bicycle crossings, driver reaction time, pedestrian, cyclist & driver compliance, wrong-way driving, abrupt lane changes, speed studies & more.

Click here to download a copy of the Vehicle Classification Guide.

WHY NOT let US "RECORD YOUR MULTI-mODAL PEDestrian, Bicycle, Moped, E-Scooter needs" 

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